2000: “Hey Dude! Hemp Food Is Here.” Better Homes and Gardens

Many mainstream publications wrote about my hemp foods decades ago. The bad puns were new and adorably part of it. What does Normalization of Cannabis look like? Like this: Better Homes and Gardens, that bastion of mainstream homemakers.

Hey Dude! Hemp Food Is Here. Better Homes and Gardens, 2000.

Chips, snack bars, and burgers made from the same plant species as marijuana are starting to appear on grocery store shelves. 

Hemp foods are made from hemp seeds, which are second only to soybeans in high-quality protein. Besides protein, the foods contain essential fatty acids and other essential minerals, such as vitamin E and iron. Also, the plants, cultivated in Canada, Europe, and Asia, are grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

While eating some hemp foods can’t get you high, they could cause a positive drug test. When hemp seed is harvested, a small amount of resin containing trace amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (the illegal substance in marijuana) may stick to the seed’s shell. Some products, such as HempNut seeds, remove the outer shell so there is no trace THC.

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