ASTM D.37 Needs YOU!

Have you been in the Cannabis or Hemp production or processing industry for a while? Do you know your stuff? Are you concerned about noobs making Standards that you’ll have to later use, thus want to get them right? Then I strongly suggest you join the ASTM D.37 Cannabis Committee, which includes Hemp.

The problem is that with over a hundred voting members including those utterly clueless on the technical subject matter, bad decisions are being made. While that will never come back to haunt them, as most have no burden of compliance, it nevertheless sabotages the future success of the industry. Ironically, they let Hemp people vote on Marijuana standards, and vice-versa. The differences between the two are far greater than most understand.

The Dunning-Kruger phenomenon means those new to the subject will grossly overstate their confidence in what little they know, as opposed to the experts who are much more realistic about what they know and more importantly, don’t know. That inspires noobs to vote on Standards they don’t fully understand, but don’t yet know that they don’t fully understand.

I’ve watched it happen already, those few who know much on the subject are diluted by those many who know little but still vote. The issues at stake, some of us have been working on literally for decades. Yet we get push-back from those who never before even considered the issue thus don’t understand the technical nomenclature. For instance, it’s odd that a lawyer for a retailer has a technical opinion on hempseed processing.

If you’re a long-time hemp fiber processor, ASTM D.37 needs you. If you’re a long-time cannabinoid processor, ASTM D.37 needs you. If you’re a long-time hempseed processor, ASTM D.37 needs you. Desperately.

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