Avoid “Super Chill” CBD Products

Avoid “Super Chill” CBD Products

I see this has been posted before, apologies in advance.

Background: I used to love smoking weed (I’m 30 now), but around 24 I started getting anxiety every time I smoked. I’m normally pretty laid back and calm but weed flipped a switch in my brain and immediately made me nervous. I loved how it made me feel after working out though – pain relief. So I looked into CBD and used that. Since the gyms are closed due to Rona, I haven’t been working out a ton thus I haven’t been using CBD. Started working out more and now I am getting back into it. I have a cartridge called “The Clear” and that works fine, but I wanted a backup.

Issue: I purchased some Tobacco Shop CBD called “Super Chill” for $25 and took about 6 big puffs of it. I also noticed it said “2,000 mg of CBD” which is so much higher than the normal cartridge’s

Analysis: Good lord. I made a huge mistake not researching this shit. I am feeling more normal now but I feel like I just smoked a Willie Nelson-sized blunt. I immediately skipped the funny stage and went straight to the “They’re Coming, They’re Coming” stage. The paranoia set it and then I researched “Super Chill” which revealed it has synthetic weed in there.

Conclusion: Stay away from this stuff. It scared the shit out of me and I nearly had a panic attack.

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