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CannLib is a curated private library of >8,200 documents on all aspects of Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana. It is available for searching for a fee, that’s a service called CannLib Search.

It’s for anyone studying or researching cannabis/hemp/marijuana, cannabinoids, medicine, or cannabis science. Breeding, cultivating, processing, history, research, botany. All cannabinoids, marijuana, primary hemp products, hempseed oil and foods, medical effects. For education, patents, best practices, standards, compliance, investment, due diligence, operations, policy, business, law, and more. Patients or their caregivers might want to search for their particular ailment, to see what the literature suggests.

With thousands of documents such as research papers, studies, press clippings, patents, articles, pitches, manuals, tools, product information, scans, books, images, spreadsheets, and product of FOIA requests. Includes classics and documents unavailable elsewhere.

Includes documents on cannabinoids, terpenes, processing of all types, hemp food, hemp seed, hemp fibre, medicine, botany, cultivation, breeding, agronomy, anthropology, archeology, entheogens, hemp pests and diseases, cannabimimetics, laboratory analysis, cannabis and hemp history, cannabis politics and policy globally, law, legislation, litigation, linguistics, marketing, financial, best practices, facilities, security, essential oil, delivery systems, nutrients, light, science, measurement, standards, and more.

CannLib is years in the making, and updated frequently. Current CannLib version is v2.1.

A CannLib Search is US$200, pre-paid. For a low-income patient or caregiver for a low-income patient, the Search is free. No returns, exchanges or refunds, all sales final.

A CannLib Search will return results listing the filename and other file information, as well as a few lines of text surrounding your Search terms. With those results, you may go on your own and find and retrieve the documents, or ask us for a quote to have them delivered for a fee.

To be clear, you will only receive the file names of the documents and the context of the use of your search terms within those documents. The file names are often gibberish because the publishers do them that way, but that also makes it easier to find the file online, where many are. But not all are easily available online; however if they are in the Search results then they are in the CannLib library. If the file is NOT in CannLib, it still may be available elsewhere. Do a Google Search on your search term first, see if that gives you what you want. But not all of CannLib is available easily online, so it can fill in the holes in your literature search.

You will get a file of the CannLib Search results in your choice of html, txt, csv, or xml format. The formats txt (flat text file) and html are the easiest to read, csv can be read in Excel and html can be read in any browser.

Your search term, such as “Hempcrete OR (Hemp AND crete)”, has a maximum of 255 characters. Boolean expressions combine individual search phrases using the REGEX, AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, and NEAR operators. Also supported: Whole Word Expressions, and DOS Expressions. All in Plain Text, no extended or foreign alphabet. Most documents in CannLib are in English, but not all.

To place your CannLib Search order, please complete the following form:

We will reference this Project Code when sending you the CannLib Search results
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Please make sure it's right
Such as "Hempcrete OR (hemp AND crete)" or "(Cannabidiol OR CBD) AND Parkinson's"
Only check if in fact you are a low-income patient or caregiver for a low-income patient
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Next, click here to pay US$200 via PayPal to get your order started. Once payment is received you will receive your CannLib Search results normally within 3 business days. For a low-income patient or caregiver for a low-income patient, the Search is free so don’t bother going to PayPal, but do note it on the form. No returns, exchanges or refunds, all sales final.

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CannLib Search is another service of The Richard Rose Report.

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