Secrets of Scales and Chords Revealed

Secrets of Scales and Chords Revealed” eBook (2005), by Richard Rose

Scales are the lifeblood of music. Chords are made of them, and scales give you a roadmap to a solo. I will show you more scales than you knew existed, and even more chords. Includes: 74 Chords including note-spelling and pronunciations, 64 Chord Substitution Rules, 55 Scales and when to use them, 7 Modes, 20 Blues Progressions, Circle of Fifths, Fourths, and Thirds. Table of Contents: Chord Theory, 7 General Rules for Chord Progressions, Cadences, Harmony, The 10 Basic Chords, The 7 Modes, Intervals: the Space Between the Notes, 55 Scales in C, Notes and Spelling of 74 Different C Chords, Chart of 64 Chord Sub Progressions, Table of the 64 Basic Chord Subs, Pentatonic Scales, Linear and Diagonal Exercises, Music By The Numbers, Circle of Fourths, Fifths, and Thirds. This eBook is not specific to the guitar. No reading of music or tab is necessary.

21 pages, by Richard Rose. For beginners through advanced.

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