Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed, or “125 Ways to Play Louie Louie in C”

Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed (or 125 Ways to Play “Louie Louie” in C)” eBook (2005) by Richard Rose

You just know there’s got to be a system to the fretboard that ties together all the positions and scales. But what is it? That system is called “CAGED,” and it means you only have to learn 5 of each chord type instead of 11. Once you know CAGED, you’ll be able to play a simple 3-chord song like Louie Louie in 125 different ways. Guitar freaks in California’s Redwood Empire passed around this secret formula for generations. Now, for the first time it has been published, by one of their own. There are only 5 major chord types, each played in a different position on the neck and in a different way. Same with minor, and every other chord. Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed shows the 10 most popular chords in each of the 5 positions. Scales, exercises, explanations, and more. Uses: play a simple C-F-G progression 125 different ways, play close harmony like horn section lines, re-voice a harmony or progression when using a capo or changing key, play any chord in 5 different places and in 5 ways, move up and down the neck when playing rhythm, use the whole neck to play a chord progression or solo. Includes diagrams of 5 types of 10 different chords (M M7 7 m m7 + dim 9 11 13), tricks and progressions (basic and fancy), detailed fingering and patterns, technical exercises, Circle of 4ths, 5ths, 3rds (new!), practical advise. Much more.

26 pages. Music/fretboard theory book for intermediate or advanced players. No reading of music necessary.

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