Hemp 2022 Predictions

My prediction for U.S. hemp in 2022:

I expect the industry to continue to shoot itself in the foot, then blame FDA, DEA, anyone but itself.

Grifters will continue to flourish while those whose shoulders they stand upon will continue to be ignored.

The associations will continue to hurt us all in order to help just one or two big members.

HIA will continue to sell one bad idea after another, continuing its 23 year tradition.

The media will continue to pimp the worst and ignore the best just to sell ads.

Processors will continue to take advantage of farmers.

The industry’s long celebration of mediocrity and legerdemain will continue to flourish.

Over-promising and under-delivering is now the industry’s mantra. Ironically it didn’t have to be that way, the industry had quiet but effective leaders at its disposal. Keyword= quiet, as a Hustleocracy not a Meritocracy it’s now all about the bold bluster, loud and aggressive. It worked for the Orange Don, inspiring many.

All in all, I fear for the future of hemp in the U.S. The bus is headed towards a cliff, driven by the associations. Once crashed, they’ll just find jobs elsewhere. There is no longer a downside for bad people who do wrong. Expect it to flourish.

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