Hemp Economic Mobilization Plan Act (HEMP Act)

Senator Rand Paul is planning to introduce the Hemp Economic Mobilization Plan Act (the H.E.M.P. Act).

It raises max THC to 1%, clarifies delta-9 not total THC, that the margin of uncertainty is 0.075%, and that compliance for local police is defined as possession of a COA for the seed from which it was grown.

It would be better if it mandated non-decarb testing, granted CBD and hemp flower products such as smokable hemp GRAS status to FDA, and allowed pot felons in hemp. It would be great to see the MORE Act have some provision for hemp such as these. Hemp’s biggest problem has long been Marijuana laws.

Testing products not plants is the most “end-use” way of looking at hemp that I’ve seen. Notwithstanding state or local law, it would allow any Cannabis to be grown as long as the finished product was <1% D9 THC. Fiber products would easily comply, even if from marijuana. Currently in Colorado, marijuana stalks are destroyed as if a Schedule 1 controlled substance; this would give them a potential use. Now, if a state were to mandate testing D9 THC only via HPLC or other non-decarb method, literally all Cannabis is hemp. Many other nations have max Total THC at 1%.

It’s heartening that Sen. Paul is still doing this after being thrown to the curb by the hemp industry and Moscow Mitch, both ignoring the fact that Paul carried a hemp legalization bill EVERY session since 2005 when it was time to celebrate the 2018 Farm Bill passing.

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