Rare Hemp Expo Opportunity

Maximize your hemp business potential by consulting with Richard Rose, a retired 44-year industry veteran and Inc. 500 entrepreneur, before the Hemp Expo. An expert in strategic planning and marketing, Richard can refine your pitch and provide insights on emerging markets and issues.

Attending the Hemp Expo in April? Here’s a rare chance to maximize your potential for success by first meeting with Richard Rose.

On your way to the Expo, consult the hemp consultant your hemp consultant consults, doing it longer than you knew it could be done.

Hemp’s retired “leading innovator” and OG pioneer of its first billion-dollar segment (food) is available to help you improve your idea, strategy, business plan, implementation, and marketing.

Having popularized tofu in the ‘80s, hemp food in the ‘90s, published two hemp books in the ‘00s, educated on CBD and smokable in the ‘10s, and hemp foods again in the ‘20s… Richard will be able to inform your project with a unique perspective and eye from decades as an innovative entrepreneur and marketer.

To begin your journey properly into the world of hemp requires a process; how do you intersect your skills and goals with “25,000 products possible from hemp?”

Early-stage startups and even the pre-startup stage are where it’s easiest to make strategic mistakes and not even know it for months or years too late.

That is where Richard can add the most value, helping you define then refine your entrepreneurial vision.

This is a rare opportunity for Hemp-focused Business Wisdom that only 44 years in the trenches can bring. All aspects of hemp including branding/marketing, new opportunities, production, strategic issues, identifying and building new markets, and historical context.

You have only one chance to make a good first impression on potential investors and partners. And once you do, more importantly, then you have to protect yourself in the deal. Richard can help with both.

Make sure your pitch deck is as good as it can be with a fresh eye. Paying a little upfront could save (or make) you a fortune down the road. Mentor to many, Richard has helped countless others do it before and he can help you too.

Hemp-derived delta-8, -9, -10 THC products, THCP, HHC, etc. are an emerging segment fraught with operational, branding, social, legal, financial, and medical risk. Richard can show you how to reduce those, even how to corner the national market for a cannabinoid product legally.

Get trade show tips from a veteran of hundreds, review your strategy’s assumptions and components, and hear suggestions for improvement or other considerations. Also available after the expo to help you evaluate prospects and proposals, or vet potential partners.

Put his pioneering 44 years of Inc. 500 business and 30 years of hemp industry wisdom to work for you.

And if your vision includes food, you definitely owe it to yourself to talk to Richard. If you want the complete details on how to actually start making money fast and easy in hemp foods, have I got an eBook for you: “Seedy! How To Start A Hemp Food Business”.

Investors: tap my knowledge and rolodex, learn where the emerging opportunities are and why, vet prospects, identify and evaluate potential companies and technology.

Cost is $500 for an hour or however long it takes to get it done. Limited slots, meet in a town en route to Estes Park CO, site of the Hemp Expo, from the Denver airport (DEN). Click here to contact Richard and arrange a time.

NDAs OK, send it and plans first for review to save your time when meeting.

Click here to read more about my Project Review Service.

“The F&BM 10: Leading innovators of 1986.” Food & Beverage Marketing, Dec 1986, p 18-19.

There is no connection, affiliation or endorsement whatsoever express or implied by or between Richard Rose and NoCo Hemp Expo® and any of its entities, and vice-versa.