Hemp Kills (lyrics)

Hemp Kills

Hemp Kills with “Bros” like these

Reefer madness affects more than the police

Lie cheat and steal, the ends justify the means

Hemp has lost its soul, sold out its dreams

DEA’s evil that’s for sure

But HIA’s equally unpure

If we stoop to use the devil’s tools

Then we’re all just a bunch of fools

At least we long knew the DEA was bad

But by the HIA we’ve all been had

They let their smoky rage

Deafen them from a sage

Who proved we won the battle

But with no money to make from such prattle

They concoct a plausible story

Spun for maximum glory

People give ‘em money cuz they think it is right

They don’t know that they’re slowing the fight

What will NORML do when it’s free to grow

Maybe that’s what’s been holding them back so

There’s no money to be made when it’s legal

Dealers need them to keep the price regal

After the DEA is the FDA and all the lawyers makin’ hay

This alphabet soup requires smarts to stay

Store by store and day by day

One step at a time we were winnin’ the fray

These thieves in the night hide in white light

Sayin’ up is down and left is right

Just a wolf in sheep’s skins they are

The only hempsters making money pass the bar

What a movie star knows about it couldn’t fill a joint

As a Venture Cap he’s never on point

But the well’s been poisoned by Machiavelli’s chums

Just for money for those f*cking bums

The only sh*t they give about the plant

Is that they profit and you can’t

Reefer madness affects more than the police

Hemp will kill the spirit with devils like these

Copyright 2004-5 Richard Rose, all rights reserved.

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