MORE Act Defunds Police

Think of the MORE Act as a partial Defund The Police measure.

From the Orange County Register in 2020:

Between the years 2012 and 2017, Reason’s CJ Ciaramella showed the Chicago police department seized $150 million worth of personal property without conviction 23,065 times— the vast majority of those instances occurring in predominantly black neighborhoods. What’s more, in Chicago’s particular case, police were found to have taken everything from cashiers checks to Xbox controllers, and a total of nearly 6,000 vehicles—which seriously disrupts people’s daily life.

This is true looting.

Ciaramella goes on to write that the “average estimated value of a seizure was $4,553, while the median value was $1,049 about three-quarters of all seizures were cash, not property.” The state of Illinois notoriously maintains prosecutors and police that keep up to 90% of all asset forfeiture in state revenue, and if you observe all assets between 2005 and 2015, the number jumps to a net worth of $319 million.

So the police departments and federal agencies like the DEA are taking in revenue to fund their programs, and black people are being forced to provide it.

The following analysis of the $13.7 billion net gain to the federal government from legalizing marijuana like in the MORE Act doesn’t even include decreases in enforcement costs or 280e tax savings, or the savings to citizens from this literal highway robbery. All too often just saying “I smell Marijuana” has been the ace up the sleeve of every trooper who wanted to search a car for cash.

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