Please help me find a product!

Please help me find a product!

Hi all. I recently had abdominal surgery that was more complicated than anticipated and I'm in pain. I'd hate to ask for more opiates and the gabapentin makes me feel terrible, so I'm stuck with just Tylenol (no more nsaids).

Since the pain is really general topical stuff like biofreeze isn't helping and is just irritating the 10 different incisions.

I don't have a great history with THC in general, it makes me super anxious — once it sent me to the ER with a heart rate of 210. I'm also allergic to some things that I'm commonly finding in CBD tinctures (nut oils, including coconut).

So far I've tried the dosist relief pens without much relief. I've also tried Plus CBD 18:1 gummies with no noticable effect. I'd rather not go broke just randomly trying things that may or may not help. Does anyone have any solid recommendations that can help with pain that don't have too much THC and don't have nut oils? Thank you!

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