Science is Lazy, Not Stoners

While the big grant money is in seeking to find harms in teens consuming cannabinoids the better science is in figuring out how 50-year stoners cope, people in their 60s and beyond. Although previous studies revealed poor short-term memory from Cannabis, it’s not so much for older stoners, absent brain disease.

The myth is of the “lazy stoner” but the fact is many significant contributions to humanity and culture came from people high on marijuana. Couchlock is the canard but I know people burning before intense workouts and others who catch accidentally-dropped objects mid-air while high. The smartest, most-productive people I know smoke the most. Prohibitionists point to studies of parts of the brain shrinking, never asking if a denser brain might be advantageous. Even positive results get twisted, hoping no one rebuts their mischaracterization.

Until now, here’s a positive one on young people: “Conclusion: Our results suggest that cannabis use at a frequency of three to four days per week is not associated with apathy, effort-based decision-making for reward, reward wanting, or reward liking in adults or adolescents. Cannabis users had lower anhedonia than controls, albeit at a small effect size. These findings are not consistent with the hypothesis that non-acute cannabis use is associated with amotivation.”

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