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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) opened a 60-day comment period on its proposed Interim Final Rule on hemp.

It’s rare The People get to talk directly to DEA in an official Comment Period about its bad policies on Cannabis, such as still being on Schedule 1 (“no medical value”) after 50 years, or DEA interference in the USDA Hemp program.

Add your name and email below and we will submit your support for the comments below to DEA before the Comment Period ends, regarding DEA and its Cannabis and Hemp policies. We will reveal ONLY your name, not email address.

This free public service of The Richard Rose Report is to encourage citizens to speak directly to DEA in an official public forum, comments so noted by the federal government and preserved for posterity.

Dear DEA, these are my comments to you regarding Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) (RIN 1117-AB53/Docket Number DEA-500):

Since 47 states have found medical value from marijuana, deschedule from its current Schedule 1 (“no medical value”). Deschedule completely at the state and federal levels, decriminalize. Leave to the states to regulate as each sees fit. End the last Nixon Dirty Trick.

Allow the release current nonviolent marijuana prisoners, commute, pardon and/or expunge past records. Restore their voting rights.

Encourage an end to Mandatory Minimum sentences which take sentencing discretion away from Judges.

Cut DEA’s budget by at least by 1/3, reflecting changes in state marijuana laws and thus its Mission. Address the growing and deadly opioid crisis or the trafficking of children instead.

Allow patients to choose, possess, grow, and make their choice of medicine without fear of arrest.

End the arrests of adults for marijuana in “legal marijuana” states.

There are over 43,427 studies on the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s PubMed on Cannabis and Cannbinoids, going back to 1840. That’s 43,427 reasons to deschedule starting long before DEA or FDA even existed.

Safe, popular, efficacious Cannabis products professionally-prepared by many of today’s mainstream drug companies and sold over-the-counter by pharmacists pre-date FDA by almost a century, and should be allowed today.

Legalizing medical marijuana enjoys over 90% support, and legalizing adult-use marijuana enjoys 70% support. Please follow the will of The People.

Respect the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals permanent injunction against DEA enforcing the Controlled Substances Act against chemicals found in compliant hemp. We both know 0.31% THC hemp is not marijuana and should be treated as such by DEA or the USDA.

DEA must not interfere with USDA’s administration of compliant hemp, including requiring analytical laboratories be registered with DEA.

Exempt from the Controlled Substances Act all products originally derived from compliant hemp.

Stalk and fiber has always been exempt from the Controlled Substances Act, so do not subject stalk, fiber and fiber products to maximum THC limits.

Allow FDA to declare Cannabinoids and resin GRAS, a food ingredient existing before 1994.

Encourage hemp as a non-tobacco tobacco replacement for improved public health.

The definition of Hemp should raised to 1% maximum delta-9 THC, from 0.3% today.

Allow THC testing methods other than post-decarboxylation.

Allow drug felons who have paid their debt to society to participate in the USDA hemp program for rehabilitation.

Hemp extract works in process” should be exempt from THC limits.

DEA has no jurisdiction in wholly intRAstate operations. Even Justice Clarence Thomas agrees: “In the early days of the Republic, it would have been unthinkable that Congress could prohibit the local cultivation, possession, and consumption of marijuana.

Schedule 1 is a very severe penalty for what DEA’s own Administrative Law Judge called “the safest therapeutic substance known to man.” Please deschedule completely.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully Signed,

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