Today was a good day.

Today was a good day.

I’ve tried soo many brands of CBD tinctures (thoughtcloud being my #1 go-to), Edibles, isolate, creams, and vape carts.

I live in an illegal state and recently a CBD coffee shop opened up which is pretty big time. I quickly became a regular there. Anyways, everyyyytime I go to the coffee shop they are out of the CBD pre-rolls.

Friends, today was the day! I went for a coffee through the drive thru and I almost didn’t even ask today because I figured they are always sold out. But as I got my coffee I decided to ask and I was surprised to hear they had them in stock!

I’ve been hesitant to smoking CBD anyways so I wasn’t bothered by them not having them in the past. Ive been eyeing flower products on PlainJane for some time but never followed through. Mainly because I’m a single mom to my two year old son and I really have this thing about him ever seeing me smoke. (Anyone have any thoughts on this??)

So today, during my sons nap time, I went to the backyard and sat under the shaded gazebo with view of my pool and garden, and my feet propped up on a foot rest, listening to classical piano and SMOKED THE CBD PRE-ROLL! It was GLORIOUS. The results were by far very different than any other CBD method I’ve used in the past. Although I know in my heart I’m probably not going to be exclusively smoking flower from now on, I do now know what method of CBD I like best.

Today was a good day.

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