U.N. Circular Firing Squad

The United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) is becoming less relevant by the day, regarding Cannabis. As more nations legalize it, the CND loses importance and relevance.

From Alfredo Pascual, writing in MJbizdaily, on the negotiations to criminalize legal CBD:

Most of the countries that made statements about Recommendation 5.5 also had opposing positions, but for other reasons:

  • Brazil was worried about several issues, including the possibility of THC products bearing fake CBD labels to disguise international control.
  • Japan showed concern about the potential application of this recommendation to nonmedical products, something “not in line with the (1961) Convention.”
  • Singapore emphasized “preparations containing THC should not be excluded from international control, regardless of the amount.”
  • Indonesia lamented the WHO made a “hasty” decision to say that CBD preparations with minimum THC aren’t liable to abuse and called for more research. The spokesperson of the country said it’s “unnecessary” to use CBD medicines to treat children with epilepsy, as other more efficacious medicines are already available.
  • Turkey criticized the “predominantly CBD preparations” definition as ambiguous. The speaker also questioned the current ambiguity surrounding “cannabis cultivation for nonmedical CBD.”
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