You know you’re a Hemp OG when…

you pivot from an award-winning 14-year soyfoods career to hemp foods 27 years ago, sell the first perishable and frozen hemp foods internationally, the first hemp foods in natural and supermarket distribution nationwide in Canada and the US, the first and only hemp foods with a FDA-legal health claim and structure-function claim, make hemp potato salad for millions on CBS-TV with Roseanne, be first-mover by years in what today is 90% of Canadian hemp and hemp’s first billion-dollar segment, build HIA so well that Bronner wants in, do hemp food so well DEA tries to legalize it but gets sued by HIA… then be retired for years before even hearing the names of those just now getting Lifetime Achievement Awards from hemp associations.

But it’s all relative; I feel like a failure since we haven’t yet fulfilled my long-time goal of displacing 15% of US food soy, while they act like they hit the jackpot for actually pulling it off. Not for legalizing, but rather for resisting legalizing so long even Mitch McConnell his own damn self got on board, it was such a no-brainer by then. Especially since Senator Paul did the heavy lifting every session since 2005.

Do not mistake this for a “gimme an award” post, it is actually a “my how far we’ve fallen” post. I got more awards than most, all pre-2000, the hard way: I earned them.

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