2000: Tofu Tsar

2000: Tofu Tsar. Northern California Bohemian, Nov 22, by Paula Harris.

OUR OWN LOCAL tofu tsar, Richard Rose, is a guy we can thank for popularizing tofu, somehow making the bland pallid gunk suitable (hey, even desirable) for the American palate.

He’s also founder and president of the Rella Good Cheese Co. and HempNut Inc. (which specializes in researching, developing, and marketing hempseed foods) and has authored hemp cookbooks. Now he’s getting what he deserves.

No, he’s not about to be slammed with a citation from the Food Police. On the contrary, Sonoma State University– a campus known for its laid-back pothead past– has just honored Rose with a Distinguished Alumni Award.

The personable Rose earned a BA degree in marketing from SSU after successfully running a tofu biz for six years. He’s been making all manner of imaginative tofu products in Santa Rosa for about 20 years.

The Distinguished Alumni Association Award is given yearly by SSU’s Alumni Association based on criteria that Include significant and humanitarian contributions to the community and society at large.

Who’d have thought curdled soy milk could become so illustrious?