Hemp History

1986: Richard Rose: a Leading Innovator

1994: Small Companies Big Dreams

1994: Then and Now

1994: Hemp Foods Are pre-DSHEA, But Just Barely

1994: Hempeh Burger

1995: “We’re trying to de-demonize cannabis in general, and certainly hemp in particular”

1995: HempRella For Victory

1999: First Online Hemp Store

2000: Rosebud (High Times Interview)

2000: Distinguished Alumni, Sonoma State University

2000: “Hey Dude! Hemp Food Is Here.” Better Homes and Gardens

2001: Hemp, Hemp, Hooray

2001: Get Hep To Hemp, The Soybean of Tomorrow

2001: Mary Jane’s Cousin

2001: The brand-new nut that can add years to your life!— Woman’s World

2001: Go To Pot!

2001: DEA Legalizes Hemp Products, HIA Sues to Stop It

2004: Ninth Circuit Says Hemp Suit “Gratuitous”

Hempseed, the Original Animal Feed

Obscure Historical Hemp References

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