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Welcome, I’m Richard Rose.

I focus mainly on Hemp (low-THC and industrial varieties of Cannabis) issues. It is free, all I ask for is your email address for the newsletter. Despite over a thousand posts on Hemp and CBD since 2014, Facebook and Instagram are too nebulous for those of us who write on controversial matters. They can shut down one’s account in an instant over nothing, and I don’t preach Conventional Wisdom.

For 29 years I’ve been a hemp foods pioneer, researcher, author, educator, advocate, speaker, consultant, product developer, brander, marketer, thought leader, mentor, and entrepreneur.

Field trials

After pivoting from a successful 14-year soyfoods marketing career, in 1994 I started a movement by being the first to market sophisticated branded perishable foods made from hempseed to the masses, not only proving the viability of a new industry but changing society’s stigmas too. That revolution in food became hemp’s first billion dollar industry, and today is 90% of Canadian hemp. Until CBD it was the leading value-driver for hemp, globally.

For over four decades I’ve been a leading innovator in the natural food industry with such soyfoods as TofuRella, Cottage Tofu Salad, and LeTofu sold around the world. Receiving the first 3 hemp industry awards for food innovation, I was the first food professional in hemp foods in North America, and paved the way for those I inspired to follow.

Since 1980 I invented, produced, and marketed dozens of products based on tofu, and was the only small or natural food company to be named the “Leading Innovators of 1986” by Food and Beverage Marketing magazine. In 1986 TofuRella was introduced, sales of which landed my firm on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in 1993.

Although I’m a Hemp OG, I’ve actually done more the last 7 years than the first. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, I’m making my almost 50 years of business experience and insight available to you, for free.

Click here to read more on why you should listen to me when it comes to hemp, marijuana, marketing, branding, and business.

HempNut License Plate

My personal brand for two decades has been The Hemp Nut, because, yes, I’m nutty for hemp; after all I named the product category, brand, and company HempNut, and sunk $2.5 million into it. Being nutty about hemp in an insane world is a feature, not a bug. Especially if it’s for over a quarter century of progressive and positive contribution.

Expect to read a unique voice and unusual ideas about strategizing, breeding, growing, processing, branding, and marketing various Hemp products. I’m not selling anything so I give notoriously straight no-BS advice, without sugar-coating. I’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Expect cognitive dissonance. Again, it’s a feature not a bug.

Richard Rose

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