Did you grow up with the DARE program, thus brainwashed to want everyone to stop using the word Marijuana? Do you prefer the general European word Cannabis to specific Mexican word Marijuana, a beautiful word long-devoid of racism and in use since the 1850s?

Precise nomenclature is critically important but depends on context; my friends and I use many words to describe mankind’s most popular plant.

Dope, even, but just among ourselves. Marijuana when we mean drug Cannabis. Cannabis when we mean the genus in general. Hemp for low-THC or fiber varieties, but sometimes also in the Herer usage of the word. Weed, again just among ourselves.

Narrow Leaf Drug for when we mean what many call smokable Sativa, Broad Leaf Hemp to refer to typical Chinensis. Broad Leaf Drug for what many call Indica. Narrow Leaf Hemp to mean classic Sativa hemp. Ganj, sometimes, and I usually write the word Pot because it’s short and everyone in North America knows it, Marijuana in Europe because of its specificity.

Most of the rest of the world calls Marijuana Cannabis, but that’s confusing because Hemp is also genus Cannabis and so many don’t understand that. I can’t count the number of times one of the Queen’s subjects tried to tell me “Hemp isn’t Cannabis.”

Type 1 we use to mean THC dominant varieties, Type 2 when referring to 1:1. Type 3 is your classic CBD dominant, the currently-popular CBD hemp shrubs that are really drug varieties, Marijuana with an upside-down cannabinoid ratio. Type 4 for CBG varieties, and Type 5 for the rare cannabinoid-less Hemp. Day Neutral and Autoflower for that type, and sometimes Ruderalis in relation to those.

Ironically, we rarely use the Sativa/Indica polarity because it’s not accurate therefore not useful. I prefer to talk in terms of effect (related to its chemotype) and not genotype (its genetics) or phenotype (what it looks like).

Thus, changing technical nomenclature is not useful if it’s for PC reasons, as not all of us were raised hating on the word Marijuana.

Some people have 30 words just for snow; we need way more than even the above words for mankind’s most useful plant.