CBD Smokable Hemp Impact: 10% Fewer Drugs Prescribed

☑️ -10% anxiolytic and sedative prescriptions

☑️ -5% anti-psychotic prescriptions

☑️ -1.5% anti-epileptic, anti-depressive, opioid and anti-migraine prescriptions

Study: Do-It-Yourself medicine? The impact of light cannabis liberalization on prescription drugs


This paper provides the first analysis of “Do-it-Yourself Medicine” concerning marijuana consumption by studying the effects of the unintended liberalization of light cannabis [CBD Hemp buds for smoking] that took place in Italy in 2016 on prescription drugs sales.


[W]e find that the local availability of non-medical light cannabis led to a significant and large reduction of dispensed boxes of anxiolytics and sedatives, which amounted to approximately 10%. These drugs usually treat symptoms for which CBD is often effective and for which symptoms can be easily detected by a non-specialist.

We also find that the entry of a light cannabis retailer in a given province led a 1-1.5% reduction in the number of anti-epileptic, anti-depressive, opioid and anti-migraine prescriptions, whereas prescriptions for psychotic patients decreased by approximately 4-5%.”

Click here to download it free: https://www.york.ac.uk/media/economics/documents/hedg/workingpapers/1907.pdf