Secrets of Music Theory Revealed, all 4 eBooks in 1 (98 pages + extras)

Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed (or 125 Ways to Play “Louie Louie” in C)” eBook (2005) by Richard Rose
You just know there’s got to be a system to the fretboard that ties together all the positions and scales. But what is it? That system is called “CAGED,” and it means you only have to learn 5 of each chord type instead of 11. Once you know CAGED, you’ll be able to play a simple 3-chord song like “Louie Louie” in 125 different ways. Guitar freaks in California’s Redwood Empire passed around this secret formula for generations. Now, for the first time it has been published, by one of their own. There are only 5 major chord types, each played in a different position on the neck and in a different way. Same with minor, and every other chord. Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed shows the 10 most popular chords in each of the 5 positions. Scales, exercises, explanations, and more. Uses: play a simple C-F-G progression 125 different ways, play close harmony like horn section lines, re-voice a harmony or progression when using a capo or changing key, play any chord in 5 different places and in 5 ways, move up and down the neck when playing rhythm, use the whole neck to play a chord progression or solo. Includes diagrams of 5 types of 10 different chords (M M7 7 m m7 + dim 9 11 13), tricks and progressions (basic and fancy), detailed fingering and patterns, technical exercises, Circle of 4ths, 5ths, 3rds (new!), practical advice. Much more.

Secrets of Chord Substitutions Revealed” eBook (2005), by Richard Rose
Chord subs are how you make a progression sound hip, cool, dissonant, melodic, different, or humorous. Useful for jazz players, composers and arrangers. Tired of writing or playing II-V-I or I-IV-V? I’ll show you 104 ways to do it differently. They are used in most styles of music, especially jazz, fusion, blues, pop, and show tunes. Great for teachers or players of any instrument, including guitar, bass, keys, piano, reeds, horns, winds, strings, vibes, as well as composers and arrangers. Table of Contents Chord Substitutions 7 General Rules for Chord Progressions Cadences Harmony 43 General Rules for Chord Substitutions The Rules Above in Chart Notation Flow Chart of 64 Chord Sub Progressions in the Key of C Table of the 64 Basic Chord Sub Progressions from the Chart Above Notes, Spelling and Pronunciations of 74 Chords Music By The Numbers Circle of Fourths, Fifths, and Thirds This eBook is not specific to the guitar. No reading of music or tab is necessary.

Secrets of Scales and Chords Revealed” eBook (2005), by Richard Rose
Scales are the lifeblood of music. Chords are made of them, and scales give you a roadmap to a solo. I will show you more scales than you knew existed, and even more chords. Includes: 74 Chords including note-spelling and pronunciations, 64 Chord Substitution Rules, 55 Scales and when to use them, 7 Modes, 20 Blues Progressions, Circle of Fifths, Fourths, and Thirds. Table of Contents: Chord Theory, 7 General Rules for Chord Progressions, Cadences, Harmony, The 10 Basic Chords, The 7 Modes, Intervals: the Space Between the Notes, 55 Scales in C, Notes and Spelling of 74 Different C Chords, Chart of 64 Chord Sub Progressions, Table of the 64 Basic Chord Subs, Pentatonic Scales, Linear and Diagonal Exercises, Music By The Numbers, Circle of Fourths, Fifths, and Thirds. This eBook is not specific to the guitar. No reading of music or tab is necessary.

Secrets of Jazz Arranging Revealed” ebook (2005), by Richard Rose
Jazz Arranging is complex and challenging to master. Arranging music for 4 or more voices or instruments has rules to make it easier and sound better. Learn those rules and much more with this eBook. Table of Contents: Chord Progression Rules, Scoring Simple 4-Way Harmonization, Chart of Unresolved Tensions, Additions to Four-Way Harmonization, Alternate Voicings, Four-Way Sax Spreads, Bass Writing in Two, Bass Writing in Four, Background Writing, Low Interval Limits, Drop Two, Available Tensions For Drop Two, Concerted Writing – Constant Coupling, Concerted Coupling – Variable Alto, Concerted Writing With Saxes Spread, Tutti Writing, Counterpoint Rules, Two-Part Counterpoint, First Species Three Part Counterpoint, First Species Chord Substitutions, Cadences, Harmony, Flow-chart of 104 Chord Substitutions, 74 Different “C” Chords, Exercises and Demonstrations, 26 pages. This eBook is not specific to the guitar, but reading of music is necessary.