Grassroots CBD Campaign?

If the national hemp associations in the US and Europe possessed even a smidgen of vision and competence, they would’ve developed a grassroots campaign to protect CBD years ago. Much like the Plant-based foods trade association did in Europe for use of terms like “milk,” for vegan foods.

Besides the immediate effect it also builds political capital, public credibility, positive momentum, and sets a proper course for the industry’s future. Ironically, done right a campaign will pay for itself through increased sales, free publicity, and increased visibility.

“NPA launched a grassroots campaign to counter the bill, explaining, “If passed, the bill would restrict access to dietary supplements. Unfortunately, we are seeing unhealthy proposals like this across the country. Lawmakers in New Jersey, New York, Missouri, and Massachusetts have also advocated restricting access to these critical health products. While many of us are working toward new years resolutions that may include a healthier lifestyle, lawmakers in Sacramento want to make sure you’re restricted from accessing essential health products like vitamin D and amino acids.”“

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