Personal Testimonial of Richard Rose on Leotele Botanicals

You may have noticed I rarely promote products for sale. Retired and doing this for fun, I don’t charge anyone for anything so I have no reason to advertise.

But I’m now making an exception, not an ad but more of a testimony, simply because I believe in this one material by this one company owned by this one guy.

I’ve used it for years, starting in 2014 when I canceled a back surgery consult an hour after one 100 mg dose. Yes, it was that dramatic; high in minor ‘noids as well as Cannabidiol, it did what THC and CBD dabs couldn’t.

Ten straight years is pretty consistent in any segment these days, let alone one changing as fast as the CBD industry. The good manufacturer and responsible marketer checkboxes are rarely all checked. Track record, servant leadership consciousness, own genetics, GMP, GAP, Best Practices, compassion, integrity… few check them all, but this company does.

The firm is “Leotele Botanicals” and the owner is Josh Raderman, located in Boulder, Colorado.

Besides consistency, doing the same thing day in and day out for years, there are good agricultural practices to consider, as well as good manufacturing processes, and in hemp, in-between the two is the critical post-harvest stage. Your process will define your product, and while they all start with inflorescences, they can be as different as apples and oranges.

Once harvested, the choices of extraction methods are wide. Coconut oil has many advantages, not the least of which is it is a natural organic food and not a petrochemical or greenhouse gas. In an era of high-tech extraction, infusing coconut oil is old school simply because it works. Good bioavailability, ease of handling, considered a food to regulators, shelf-stable, but especially because it’s a very good medium for collecting, decarbing, storing, and delivering trichomes.

Using proprietary cultivars for a broad but compliant spectrum, the locally-grown plants are dried and delivered to the factory, buds, stems, seeds, and leaf. That is quickly ground then cooked for 2 or 3 days in oil and water. The water is removed and the oil is decarboxylated, centrifuged, filtered, pasteurized then hot-packed. With no moisture, it has a very long shelf life, two years or more. No alcohol is used, or chemical solvents, hydrocarbons, or CO2. Certified Kosher and Organic oil. Vegan. Won’t nucleate/crystallize or separate.

Besides the canceled back surgery consult, a year ago I badly broke 6 ribs and got through it with no pain meds, using only ~600mg daily each of CBD and CBG for the inflammation and pain; the doctor was very impressed. I also have friends successfully managing other conditions with it as well, mental as well as physical issues.

Since sourcing is the trickiest part of it all, I’m posting here to let you know about this vendor, a friend of mine, and his product “Food-grade Formulated CBD or CBG Infused Oil as a Food, Supplement, or Cosmetic Ingredient.” Who knows what the future holds but no money has exchanged hands for this and I pay his usual price for capsules. And since I’m not financially affiliated with them, FDA can’t touch me or them for telling you the truth. Medical claims are impermissible to FDA only for interstate businesses, and I ain’t that.

But this is a great opportunity for someone to start a Brand, or serve patients, or manage their condition, or white-label caps for their practice, or start a MLM, or Broker to other companies, or use as an ingredient, or export to other countries. Maybe you? They can also help with formulation, co-packing capsules, branding, and other white-label services.

At as low as ~1¢ per milligram it’s not the cheapest material on the planet, but it might very well be the best quality and most efficacious.

The source is legal hemp flowers high in either CBD or CBG, neutral decarboxylated not acid form (not CBDa and CBGa). Max THC in source: ≤0.3%. It is scientifically formulated and standardized to consistently contain the specified concentration of the principal cannabinoid, either Cannabidiol (CBD) or Cannabigerol (CBG), typically 60 to 70mg/mL. Any strength or blend is possible by special order. Guaranteed effect felt with 50 to 100 mg. Typical values: CBD 6.65%, CBC 0.30%, D9-THC 0.23%, CBG 0.20%, CBDV 0.15%, CBN 0.02%, THCV 0.01%, CBDA ND.

The product is 93% certified organic. The hemp is pesticide-free (CoA available) and grown in the sun in actual soil under permit from the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture. No isolate, crude, or distillate is used, contains only flower and oil.

Made in Boulder, Colorado, by a well-known and -respected 10-year-old manufacturer with extraction processes backed by 7 patents. Quietly supplying the industry for a decade with over 100 tons of product, you can now buy direct in 17.5 kg bulk or other large lots.

Product is ready for encapsulation, packaging, or further processing into products as an ingredient. Add a flavorant or other ingredient for local Country Of Origin Labeling.

This is a food, not a controlled substance, and is exempt from international drug control treaties and the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. Coconut oil is GRAS in the U.S. and exempt as a Novel Food in E.U., hemp flowers are permissible. Microbiological, pesticides, heavy metals, adulterants, and irradiation testing to strict California standards.

Ready for immediate shipment.

For those seeking an ethical fair-trade source of CBD or CBG, validated by years of success, check out: Tell them RR sent you.