Schedule 1 Workaround

Having a hard time setting up a state-legal marijuana business? Between trademarks, insurance, and banking, they make it as difficult as possible simply because it is still Schedule 1 federally.

One workaround is to pivot to a different Cannabis product, namely hemp. Hemp (<0.3% max THC) is federally legal and in every state, yet it is still Cannabis.

Apply for trademarks, insurance, and banking as a hemp company then pivot back to marijuana once descheduled federally. One can even franchise this way to avoid the FTC.

To make it even easier on yourself, don’t do hemp CBD as with a strict reading it’s also still considered illegal thanks to the unelected bureaucrats at FDA unconstitutionally making new law.

CBG and smokable flower is less regulated, as are hemp foods in the states legalizing CBD in them such as CO, CA, VA, and a few others. Dietary supplements are considered foods as well.

With the constraints I’ve outlined, find a way to move forward with your product mix, perhaps with a few tweaks. Yes, you’ll need new labels but it’ll be worth it to get a jump on the competition. With strong federal trademarks in hand, once descheduled you might be at the top of everyone’s M&A list in a few years.