Unlike CBD, Food Variance as High as 1,500%

Recently many have tried to play “gotcha” with the CBD industry by testing and publicizing the difference between stated and actual CBD content. The latest one called the products “foods” but used a variance of +/-10% instead of the typical 20% variance used in foods. Just one “gotcha.”

But all along I’ve been saying “now do foods,” as after my 42 years in the food processing industry I know the label discrepancy to actual nutrition can be huge.

Food processors don’t test for Nutrition Facts disclosure every batch or every month or even every year. They typically do it once, at the beginning, in order to print the disclosure on packaging. Some might even just use USDA’s FoodData central database of nutrient values calculated in a spreadsheet and call it a day.

Finally, an organization tested foods for nutrition, and while you may be shocked I’m not surprised. Variance for table grapes was as high as 15 TIMES different, lowest value to highest. That’s 1,500%.

They also compared different agricultural practices’ impact on nutrient variation, and developed a predictive model with an interactive dashboard you can use. Check it out, very interesting.

Read more at the Bionutrient Institute: https://www.bionutrientinstitute.org/2020datareport#results