1996: The HempNut Story

The HempNut Story

          We believe HempNut is the greatest invention to happen to hempseed ever!  Most people agree that the outer shell is not very tasty, more for birds than for humans.  It’s dirty, with typical field contaminants such as pathogens and manure.  And the shell has trace amounts of THC on it, not enough to get “high” but you could flunk a drug test putting consumers at risk for loss of career or freedom.  The shell is only fiber thus it reduces the amount of nutritional from the kernel by 40%.  And it darkens foods, makes them gritty, and reduces their nutrition and shelf life.  All things considered, there’s really no good reason to keep the shell on.

          So in 1996 we took regular whole hempseed and removed the shell… and the result is HempNut!  It was the first change in hemp in 12,000 years.  It tastes like sunflower seed, looks like sesame seed, and can be used in literally any recipe, it’s that versatile.  Plus it contains about 40% more nutrition than whole hempseed.  In fact, it’s the most nutritious plant food available, with 36% Essential Fatty Acids (the “good” fat), and 31% high-quality protein (second only to soybean in quantity, but higher in quality), and very high in vitamins and minerals.

          It took over 2 years of research and development to figure out how to unlock nature’s most perfect food from its hermetically-sealed shell.  In the beginning we laboriously split each seed by hand.  After a day of that we still only ended up with a few grams of kernels, just enough to test for nutrients.  But we kept at it and found better ways to split the shell, until we invented a state-of-the-art patent-pending process.  No wonder HempNut won the HempWorld “Hempy Award” for Product Innovation… twice (1997 and 1998). Plus the Bioneers Award for food in 1998.

          Now we are the first to offer hempseed clean and palatable enough for humans.  And we don’t have to cook it to sterilize, because unlike whole hempseed, shelling naturally renders the seed unable to grow (in accordance with U.S. and Canadian laws).  Plus HempNut is guaranteed free of detectable traces of THC, so airline pilots and others don’t have to worry about failing a drug test.

          Since HempNut tastes like sunflower seed and is the size of sesame, you can use it in any recipe.  We’ve yet to find one that couldn’t benefit from the added nutrition and flavor of HempNut!  Try it blended in a smoothie or shake, or sprinkled on foods.  Roast it in a pan with spices for a crunchy seasoning, or put some in your favorite salad dressing and shake.  Add it to your baked goods for a nutrition boost, or use it as a breading.  Kids love HempNut, too.  Please send us your favorite recipe, we’d love to try it.  And if you have a restaurant, we’ll show you how to add it to your menu.  It’s not difficult and your customers will love you for it.

          HempNut is an exclusive product of HempNut, Inc., which was founded by natural food pioneer Richard Rose, the company’s President and “Chief Hemp Nut.”  After making award-winning soyfoods and tofu full-time since 1980, he realized just how much more nutritious hempseed really is than soy. 

          Now, 4 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, he invented HempNut, a food even better than whole hempseed.  “Not only is HempNut far more healthy than soy, it tastes better and has more uses, too,” said Richard.  “I truly believe that HempNut is the ‘Soybean of the New Millennium!’”

          Currently the company has to use hempseed grown outside the United States.  But not just any seed gets selected to be HempNut.  We pay a premium to make sure we get the best hempseed, clean, high quality, and grown for humans, not birds.

          HempNut is a great source of the Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3 Linolenic Acid and Omega-6 Linoleic Acid, as well as the hard-to-get Gamma Linoleic Acid.  While most foods have little if any, HempNut is over one-third Essential Fatty Acids, and in “nature’s perfect balance” (according to Dr. Udo Erasmus).  The protein content is second only to soybeans (35% vs. 31%), but the amino acid profile is superior to soybean, human milk, and cow’s milk, and similar to egg whites.  This excellent protein efficiency makes HempNut ideal for medical foods and other special diets.

          We use HempNut to make our HempRella Cheese, Hempeh Burger, HempNut  Peanut Butter, Organic Blue Corn Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a Chocolatey Whole Food Bar.  All contain a lot of protein and essential fatty acids, and are sold in natural food stores and supermarkets across the U.S. and Canada.

          Look for more great HempNut products in the future from this fast-growing California company, including milk, ice cream, chocolate bars, and more. 

          Want to learn more about hemp? We recommend the following publications:

Journal of the International Hemp Association

Hemp Times and Hemp World magazines

Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Dr. Udo Erasmus

          Member and supporter of the Hemp Food Association, the Hemp Industries Association, the North American Industrial Hemp Council, and the International Hemp Association.  Please join and send them money.  We do!

HempNut, Inc.
Santa Rosa California, U.S.A.

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