1997: HIA True Hemp Fabric Certification Program

In 1997 HIA asked me to start and manage the True Hemp Fabric Certification Program. It was the first certification program in the North American hemp industry. They thought a food guy wouldn’t know how to do this, but with no loopholes only Denny Finneran’s Crucial Creations registered. I also designed the Certification logo.


For Immediate Release.

Contact: Richard Rose, HIA Certification Director, at 707-571-1330.

First Certified Hemp Fabric

TUCSON, AZ– The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) has announced the first awarding of “Certified 100% Hemp” status to Crucial Creations, a Hemp clothing manufacturer located here.  The HIA has 188 member businesses, and has recently implemented a Hemp Certification Program for its members.

          “I’m proud to be the first to offer material certified as 100% Cannabis Sativa,” said Denny Finneran, Owner of Crucial Creations.  “The vision of our company has always been to make the best clothes possible out of 100% Hemp fabric.  Having our proprietary material be the first Certified by the HIA is in line with our commitment to both integrity and 100% Hemp clothing.  It’s amazing other companies don’t do this routinely,” said Finneran.

          The fabric is yarn-dyed woven plaid from 100% Hemp fiber from Romania, in black, brown and natural colors, with earth-friendly dyes.  The material is used in a line of mens’ shirts.

          To qualify for Certification, HIA members submit an application and sample of the material, and pay a nominal fee in addition to the cost of testing.  It is tested at a private fabric lab, and the results are the basis for awarding the Certification.  Percentage of Hemp in blends can also analyzed and Certified.  Products made from the Certified fabric are allowed to use the HIA Certified logo and description on hang-tags, in order to assure the customer of the integrity of the Hemp claim.

          Hemp fabric, with its high price and strong demand, has from time-to-time been marketed as 100% Hemp when in fact it was only partially Hemp.  The HIA Certification Program was developed to prevent that type of fraud, as well as assure wholesale and retail customers of the integrity of the product.

          For more information on Crucial Creations, call 520-628-3670 or 1-800 HEMP-4-US.  For more information on the HIA or its Certification Program, call 1-500-HIA HEMP or 707-874-3648, or [email protected].

HIA Certification Program Protocol, Textiles

          1.a. HIA (c/o Richard Rose) receives 1 sample of material 1 square yard in size (or 1 yard of cordage), application form, and a check. The Application is copied for our file, the sample is inspected for proper size, and the check is deposited to an HIA bank account as quickly as possible.  A certification file number is issued, and written on both copies of the Application and check. A new file is started labeled with file number and Applicant’s name. Cost is as follows: For qualitative fiber testing (true hemp/not true hemp): $75 members, $100 non-members. For quantitative fiber testing (x% true hemp): $350 members, $500 non-members.

          1.b. Alternatively, Applicant submits own test results with 1 square yard of fabric, together with an Attestation or Affidavit stating that the company will advise us any time changes are made in supply or production which would result in a change in future batches of the material tested. The HIA reserves the right to reject this option at its sole discretion. Fee is $25 for this option.

          2.  For Option 1.a.: After 3 business days (to give the check time to clear) but no longer than 5 business days one-half of the sample is sent to ACTS (716-897-3300, 25 Anderson Road, Buffalo NY 14225) for testing, attn: Srini Venkataraman. One-half the sample remains in the file for future reference.

          3.  HIA receives results. If it passes, then we offer for license the use of the HIA Certification logo in one of three classifications, depending on results and type of test:

                    100% hemp =“True Hemp”

                    55%+hemp =“55% True Hemp blended with ____”

                    under 55% =“____ blended with less than 55% True Hemp”

          4.  Once the Certification mark License Agreement is returned signed with a check for $50, an authorized representative of HIA signs the Agreement, makes a copy, and mails the copy to Licensee. The check is deposited immediately into an HIA bank account. The original is placed in the file for which the License was issued. A calendar tickler notes two events: 1) in six months when a demand for list of 5 customers is made upon Licensee; and 2) when the License expires, 11 months hence to allow 1 month for Licensee notification and re-negotiation if necessary.

          5.  A Press Release is issued to trade and consumer media regarding the new Licensee and their Certified products. The membership and HIA Board is also notified.

          6.  In 6 months a written demand is made upon the Licensee for a list of 5 customers to whom products bearing the Certification Mark were sold, pursuant to Paragraph 9h. At least 2 of those customers will be contacted and asked to photocopy the Certification Mark and mail it to the HIA.

          7.  One month before the end of the License term the Licensee will be contacted and advised the date of the expiration of the License Agreement.  They will be asked if they wish to continue the term, and if yes, a new contract will be sent to them.

HIA use: Certification file number                

Hemp Industries Association

Application for HIA Hemp Content Certification,
Textiles or Cordage

Date:                                          Company name:                                                      

Contact name:                                                Contact phone:                                    

Contact fax:                                                   Contact email:                                     

Mailing address:                                                                                                       

Shipping address:                                                                                                     

Payment enclosed: US$                                 Size of sample enclosed:                     

Batch or lot number:                                      Certification requested:              % Hemp

Submit a minimum of 1 square yard of fabric or 1 yard of cordage to be tested, the appropriate fee and this Application, completed and signed, to:

HIA, c/o Richard Rose

616 Davis St.

Santa Rosa CA 95401

Phone: (707) 571-1330

This application is hereby submitted in accordance with the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Hemp Content Certification regulations as a request for analysis of hemp content, and if appropriate, certification of the sample submitted herewith.  I understand that the decision whether to Certify is solely that of the HIA, and that a H.I.A. Certification Mark License Agreement must be executed before I use any HIA certification logo or the words “Certified” in conjunction with any words or phrases implying HIA certification.  I agree that this certification, if allowed, may be revoked at any time without reason by the HIA.  I agree that in the event of any dispute or claim arising from this Application or Certification said dispute or claim will be submitted solely to the American Arbitration Association by the Rules then standing.  The venue for said hearing is agreed to be Santa Rosa, California.  The judgment of said hearing will be binding and final upon the parties, which judgment may be entered and enforced in full.  Losing party agrees to pay all costs and attorneys fees of the prevailing party.

Applicant company:                                                                                                  

By:                                                                           Title:                                          Signature

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