1999: First Online Hemp Store

Starting in 1999 HempNut, Inc. had hemp’s first online food store, on Yahoo! Stores. It may have been the first online hemp store of any kind.

It was unique in many ways, including the fact that if you bought a full case, you paid the wholesale price (one-half the retail price). That was by design, to encourage retail stores and budding entrepreneurs.

The most popular products were 4×5# bulk HempNut shelled hempseed, 12-oz cans of HempNut, hempseed oil, 25# bulk HempNut, nut butter, and The HempNut Health and Cookbook.

It did almost $10,000 per month at its peak, before the fiber group HIA sued DEA when it legalized 96% of the industry, and the market died for years.

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