1999: Hemp Foods on CBS-TV; Roseanne and Richard Make Potato Salad for Millions

RR + Roseanne

I might as well wrap up Hemp History Month 2021 with a watershed event. This was a big moment for hemp, and to this day the biggest stage for hemp foods. Roseanne Barr had an afternoon talk show on CBS-TV, and I answered easy questions about hemp and made a hemp potato salad. We had zero rehearsal, didn’t even meet until seconds before filming.

They flew me and my wife to Hollywood, put us up for the night and gave us a driver to get around. It took a few hours so I rested in the Green Room with the lights off. When it was time, the producer came in and freaked out: she thought I was asleep. I wasn’t. They dabbed a bit of make-up on me and sprayed my hair then sent me out.

I got a few good ad-libs in, including “parsley, not to be confused with hemp” and talked about how great hemp was thanks to her softball questions. We both were dressed head-to-toe in hemp, and she was a bit flirty. Afterwards I answered audience questions and gave out samples. When the show aired it was immediately after the JFK Jr funeral on the west coast, so it had a huge audience, in the millions.

I think this was also the moment “The Suits” realized I had to be stopped, as they handed me the gig and I nailed it. An articulate, witty, charismatic spokesman for hemp comfortable in front of millions was a threat to their plan to control and slow hemp’s evolution. They succeeded: instead of legalizing in 2005 (based on the progress by then), it took another 13 years, 2018.

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SANTA ROSA, CA – Chief Hemp Nut Richard Rose made the big time on July 23 when he appeared on the nationally syndicated “Roseanne Show” to talk about his passion for hemp and hempseed-based food products. In true Roseanne fashion, the brash talk show hostess bantered playfully with Rose while querying him about the many benefits of and uses for hemp.

During the 7-minute segment, she sampled hempseed and several dishes made with hempseed, while Rose spoke of the nutritional benefits of hempseed as well as its versatility.

“This kind of exposure proves that hempseed is truly on the map as a viable food product,” says Rose. “We’re thrilled to have been on the Roseanne show, and even more thrilled about all the people who are being introduced to hemp.”

According to the Hemp Food Association, hempseed-based foods are functional foods or nutraceuticals, and are projected to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry. HempNut, Inc. is the leader in sales of hempseed-based food products, with about $1 million in sales posted in 1998. Rose projects at least 50% growth annually. His first company, Rella Good Cheese Co. (formerly Sharon’s Finest), hit the Inc. 500 list in 1993 with 950% growth over five years. Rose says he expects even greater growth for HempNut, Inc., and is planning to launch ten new HempNut™ products by the end of 1999. The company recently introduced HempNut Butter, and other products include hempseed oil, lip balm and chips.

HempNut, Inc., is based in Santa Rosa, California. The company first made nationally-distributed hempseed foods in 1994 and was founded by soyfoods pioneer Richard Rose, who also owns Rella Good Cheese Co., which specializes in alternative cheese products. With 20 years of natural food experience product development and marketing experience, Rose’s personal mission is to popularize the use of hempseed for food.

In 1997, he was awarded the first Hemp Times “Bioneer Award” for Outstanding Achievement in Food, and the HempWorld “Hempy Award” for Food. He is the founder and director of the Hemp Food Association.”

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