2001: HempNut Europa

This location in Olten was going to be a HempNut Café, thousands walked past it daily. But that was the year the hemp food industry came under attack from within by what I called “The Suits.” They eventually killed hemp foods for 2½ years, almost taking Canadian hemp down with it.

With no more market it forced me to cancel many projects besides the Café there and one in California, but also a new hempseed shelling line in Singapore. Until then we were on a roll, having spent $230,000 on PR and national advertising to create this new thing called “hemp food.” We did such a good job eventually everyone wanted in; at that point I was just in their way.

The products had special labels for Switzerland. This is one for the cheese alternative:

We had 27 members in the global HempNut Alliance, from China to Germany, England to California. Here’s the Alliance Proposal for a food processor in U.K.:

This is the HempNut Europa Fax Order Form we used:

Richard Rose

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