2001: The Brand-New Nut That Can Add Years to Your Life!— Woman’s World

The brand-new nut that can add years to your life! Woman’s World – The Woman’s Weekly, Jan 2 2001, by Caitlin Castro.

Subhead: Impressive new studies show that this surprising snack can protect you from a host of diseases – and make you feel better right now!

Five daily servings of fruits and vegetables…seven servings of grains…30 grams of fibers…if you’re finding it hard to meet these dietary guidelines, you’re not alone: 80% of Americans fall short on at least one of them. But now expects are saying a delicious, crunchy new snack could rescue us from our dietary downfalls – and from our most common health hassles as well: Hemp Nuts.

Pull quote: Pros say you can reduce your breast cancer risk by 70%!

A distant cousin to marijuana, but perfectly legal, hemp nuts (actually the dried seeds of the plant) have absolutely none of marijuana’s mood-altering properties. And scientists say they could be the most nutritious food you can add to your diet.

“Hemp foods contain the best essential fatty acids (EFAs) found in nature, and in the best possible balance,” says nutrition researcher Michele Trankina, Ph.D., at St Mary’s University in San Antonio. Previous studies have shown that the EFAs in foods like flaxseeds, olive oil and fish can shut down everything from depression to heart disease, and now scientists are discovering that the EFAs in hemp foods are even better for you! In fact, make hemp nuts your snack of choice and research shows you could: 

Banish monthly miseries and prevent breast cancer.

PMS, menstrual cramps, breast tenderness and bloating are no match for hemp nuts. “They contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds called eicosanoids,” says Santa Rosa, California, hemp researcher Richard Rose. “Taken daily, they can relieve symptoms the same way Motrin and Midol do, but without the risk of stomach upset and bleeding. That alone could make hemp an essential snack for women, but its rich concentration of EFAs provides an even better reason. Recent studies show that women with the highest levels of EFAs in their bodies are 70% less likely to develop breast cancer.

Protect your heart.

Researchers say hemp’s perfect balance of EFAs can boost levels of artery-clearing HDL cholesterol by as much as 12%. And every half-cup serving also provides five grams of fiber, which binds to dangerous LDL cholesterol and can bring it down as much as 13%.

“EFAs also help lower blood pressure and dissolve blood clots,” says Trankina. In fact, a daily hemp snack could add up to five more hearty-disease-free years to your life.

Keep your skin smooth and clear.

Almost 85% of women struggle with a skin problem at some point in their lives—and experts say a nutritional deficiency may be to blame! “Often the problem is a shortage of EFAs, which are essential for the growth of healthy skin cells,” says Vancouver nutrition researcher Udo Erasmus, PH.D., author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill.

But in one study, switching to an EFA-rich diet helped improve dry, rash-prone skin within two weeks. And follow-up research shows that people who up their EFAs are only half as likely to ever develop eczema. 

Box: 9 delicious ways to get healthier! One to two ounces of hemp nuts daily is a simple way to get the study-proven dose of EFAs. For variety, try drizzling nutty-flavored hemp oil on your vegetables or salads. Hemp nut butter, tortilla chips, pretzels, snack bars, waffles, granola, cheeses and burgers are also available; look for them in your local health food store– or buy them online.

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