Another State Legalizes CBD Foods

In Virginia, this is de facto GRAS approval for foods up to ~6% CBD naturally present, from hemp. At 0.3% max THC, CBD in hemp is at least 20 times higher, or 6%. A hempseed oil could easily contain 6% CBD naturally, nothing added. That’s at least 6.3% total Cannabinoids possible, with a 50:1 CBD:THC ratio even 15%. Legally. Just don’t make claims. You’re not even required to disclose CBD content, as it is just “hempseed oil.”

States can do that, look at marijuana-legal states and edibles; those contain a Schedule 1 controlled substance, which CBD is not (ironically except for DEA Licensees). Besides Virginia, the other states explicitly legalizing CBD in foods are Colorado, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and perhaps soon California.

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