1994 Cannabis Cup

Jack Herer

Here is a Portuguese news report filmed at the 1994 7th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Edited for English content and brevity.

With Jack Herer, Sean Munro, DJ Monica, Richard Rose (with hat and guitar, getting a fully-clothed massage, and discussing and sampling hemp food), Pascale and Franck Lagouge, Dion Markgraaf, Eagle Bill and his vaporizer, Julia Sparrow, Chris Conrad, Larry Duprey, Andy Waller, and Ian Low. Filmed at the Greenhouse and Pax Partyhouse, among others. Mostly in English with some French, Portuguese subtitles. 11:54

A few notes: I did as much hemp food as I could using charm and free food. The Pax café sold Hempeh Burgers with HempRella cheese, the Melkweg café also had that combo. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 4:20pm I gave away free slices of HempRella pizza in the Pax foyer, which at times was as crowded as Times Sq on New Years. There is no better way to meet people than give away pizza. I kept the program at subsequent Cups. A few years later Michael Kennedy (High Times/Cannabis Cup lawyer/boss/owner) was there, a rare event. The VIP dinner at the Pax had HempNut encrusted portobello mushrooms stuffed with melted HempRella, and HempNut hempseed oil in the salad.

Carrying a bunch of weird US hemp foods in shipping boxes to Schipol Customs resulted in a 6 hour wait. HempNut, HempRella, Hempeh Burger, oil, and my personal Tofurkey in a suitcase. I refused to leave without them, so they eventually took a package of each for testing and let it go. The Herbal Ecstasy guys weren’t so lucky. On the return I watched SFO Customs pop Jack Herer for literally milligrams of flower in his pockets. Notice Ian Low says max THC in UK at that time was 0.3%? Since 1994 they lowered it to 0.2%.

Eagle Bill. He pioneered the vaporizer to many of us. Using a Black and Decker paint stripping heat gun, he heated flowers just enough to vaporize the trichomes but not combust it. That same basic principle went on the become the Volcano vaporizer in 2000. Canopy recently bought Volcano producer Storz and Bickel for $220 million. Eagle Bill RIP.

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