“Biocrete” FTW

Hempcrete is so awesome it doesn’t even need hemp! Or as I call it, “Biocrete.”

Most any ag waste will do, including virgin Kenaf (“K-hemp”) if you’re in the sub- or tropics where low-THC Cannabis doesn’t perform as well. Millions of tons of ag wastes are burned every year, while hemp is still the rarest commercial fiber and seed.

And while the cost of ag waste is nil, growing, harvesting, drying, and processing virgin hemp into building materials is relatively expensive. Additionally, ag waste is literally already just laying about waiting to be utilized, but growing European hemp in the tropics is more often than not a failure.

For instance, here is a building of Biocrete blocks made of Abacá, or Manila Hemp. While yes it is popular in the Philippines, no it is not Cannabis hemp.

And here’s an example of “Ricecrete” using rice waste: www.ricehouse.it.

Photo by Sanchez Jay.

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