Canada: 54,964 acres in 2020

On May 4 Health Canada finally released 2020 hemp production data.

Canada grew 54,964 acres of hemp in 2020, 67% as much as in 2019.

AB grew more than MB and SK, perhaps for the first time. Top varieties, in order: Finola, Katani, CanMa, CFX-2, X-59, Carmagnola. Finola, Carmagnola and Katani were grown for flowers. X-59 acres dropped, Katani rose.

Acres grown for planting seed: 4,734; grain: 41,237; fiber: 16,188; flowers (CBD): 26,677 (multiple for each, does not add to 100%).

Ever since the first Farm Bill allowing U.S. hemp was signed in 2014, hemp in Canada has had problems. The prospect of that is why those with investments in Canadian hemp were for years not keen on seeing the U.S. legalize, turning its biggest customer into its biggest competitor. Unfortunately, those were the same people funding lobbying in the USA, mostly Americans.

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