Canopyright™: CYA for Breeders

Before giving your prized genetics to Cornell or OSU or Phylos or USDA, get a genomic test and register it with Canopyright. Any Cannabis type, marijuana or hemp.

You want to keep honest people honest but if they or their predecessor stumble, you want protection from theft of your IP. Otherwise these seed bank collections they are building could just end up being a free billion-dollar honey pot for some Biotech firm.

Another feature of Canopyright includes the granular ability to control the contract and royalty process, and other management tools including integration with METRC.

While they also promote a method utilizing samples stored in your freezer for those burned by Phylosgate, I advise asking third-party genome sequencing company Medical Genomics to document your cultivar as well. The reason why is that when it comes to legal issues, assume the worst but plan for best; operate as if the nastiest company in the world hired the nastiest lawyer in the world to steal your IP. The more valuable your genetics, the more likely it’ll happen. Hence “CYA for Breeders.”

Canopyright was developed by OG Emerald Triangle growers with the help of a plant protection law and METRC experts.

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