CBD Haterz Miss a Few Essential Facts

CBD Haterz miss a few essential facts:

  • CBD at night increases expression of CBR1, giving you a bigger THC high the next day
  • CBD reduces psychosis and anxiety, better for when you get super high on THC
  • CBD potentiates positive THC effects while cutting its negative effects, so that THC is better for you

Drop the hate just save it, you’re no better than Kevin Sabet
You do it from arrogant ignorance, at least he’s paid for his lack of forbearance
Opiate companies pay him handsomely so he can say things randomly that make you wanna get all Stagger Lee and throw him in the deep blue sea
CBD THC CBG they all are free from the Creator followin’ the laws of botany
Don’t be all you despise, hatin’ on the ‘noids is Stockholm Syndrome noise
Be positive ’bout them molecules, treat ’em like precious jewels
Dissin’ them is for fools’ droolin’ at schools
It ain’t like duels it’s not mutually-exclusive they have a place in life don’t keep ’em reclusive
30,000 combinations but all you want is THC the rest is recriminations
God didn’t make no mistake, CBD can get you higher
You just gotta know how, not be a liar
Like Jack said it’s all one plant, Hatin’ on the ‘noids no you shant
So give it up and share the love, all the ‘noids are gifts from above.

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