Colorado: Hemp Food Hotbed

From the Hemp Food Association:

“Colorado not only pioneered the CBD industry in 2014, but it has also long been active in making hemp foods. Its historical importance to the hemp food movement helped create the first billion-dollar and widest-diffused segment, 90% of Canadian hemp, the seed for food use. Since becoming “legal” to the FDA (GRAS designation) in 2018, the last remaining regulatory hurdle was removed for the hemp food industry.

Seed for food is the easiest hemp product to get used in society widely and quickly. Any of the tens of thousands of food processing or marketing companies could have a hemp line extension or new product on the shelves in days or weeks, not months or years.

From part-time side hustle to “Big Food, Inc.,” hemp food is the hemp product already with the largest number of current and potential wholesale and retail customers. The ease of introducing hemp foods could even create entirely new companies founded by aspiring “Hempreneurs,” diversifying and democratizing the commercialization of hemp for the average start-up bootstrapped entrepreneur.”

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