Court: “Hemp Flowers Not Novel Food”

Big news: Polish Court rules that hemp flowers are NOT a novel food, and have a history of consumption:

this plant (…) has a history of use and does not constitute a novel food

(…) the undoubted evidence presented by the party in the context of the procedure in question showed a history of consumption of hemp herb both as food and to supplement the normal diet

That’s great, as the flowers should now be able to be used freely in foods and beverages. As well as, by logical extension, all parts of the flowers of the plant such as trichomes. Therefore continuing the logic, the chemicals always found therein such as CBD and THC in natural amounts. Historically that hemp was closer to 1-3% THC than today’s mandatory 0.2-0.3%. That means CBD could be closer to 1-12%.

It’s an argument I’ve been making for years in the US and EU, that hemp flower products such as CBD in natural forms should not be a Novel Food (EU) and should fall under GRN-778 as GRAS to the FDA (US). This decision won’t likely apply to novel concentrates.

It’s also the product of litigation, which I believed preferable to immediately bowing to the whims of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, allowing free publicity once the ruling is announced, like this.

Combined with the Kanavape decision, it would appear to have European Community-wide implications. While this applies just to Poland, the EU Novel Food process itself is what the court said was flawed, and thus the Polish government reliance upon it.

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