Did Colorado Just Ban CBD?

In the announcement of their ban on Delta-8 THC, MED said: ““chemically modifying or converting any naturally occurring cannabinoids from industrial hemp is non-compliant with the statutory definition of ‘industrial hemp product’” in state laws.”

Decarboxylation of CBDa to CBD fits that definition, as does the current practice of converting CBDa to CBN. Plus the ~6 pounds of THCa in every acre of hemp, when it gets removed or decarboxylated.

Banning any Cannabinoid is a slippery slope to banning the other 150. Prohibition never works.

But just as a “hammer sees only nails,” bureaucrats ban. That’s all they know.

Read more: https://hemptoday-net.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/hemptoday.net/ban-on-delta-8-thc-spreads-as-colorado-warns-dispensaries/amp/

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