FDA: 82% of CBD Products Contain What They Say, Or More

FDA recently tested Hemp products, and found 82% disclosed CBD within tolerances or higher. They showed good results: little adulteration, and only 1 had a heavy metal, lead. They even tested products silent on or claiming no CBD.

Oddly, FDA over-stated THC by 13% (“THCa + THC”), and referred to the LOQ but never revealed that useful reference. It looks like FDA is trying to dance around the issue of THC, merely stating the product was either above or below the LOQ so as to not discuss the fact that a certain amount of THC in a product is legal. With half containing THC, the assertion that Hemp CBD has no Entourage Effect is quashed.

Context, context

Like here, foods are allowed 20% variance in Nutrition Facts compared to actual. Botanicals can also have wide variances from the label. Herbal supplements more often than not are not what they say they are. Only 4% at Walmart were real. Even drugs vary, in one study the average percentage label claim ranged from 39% to 152%. Even Schedule 1 marijuana has less variance (10%). The USP allows wide variance in label claim versus content.

The report:

“Report to the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations and the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations

Sampling Study of the Current Cannabidiol Marketplace to Determine the Extent That Products are Mislabeled or Adulterated

Report in Response to Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020

U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Of the 200 products purchased, testing for cannabinoids was completed on 147 of them (see Table 3). Of the 147 products tested, 138 products (94 percent) contained CBD. Of the samples that did not contain CBD (n = 9), seven either did not indicate CBD or clearly indicated “zero CBD” on the label. Two products that listed CBD on the label were not found to contain CBD. For products that indicated a specific amount of CBD, those amounts were compared to the testing results. […]

Of the 102 products that indicated a specific amount of CBD, 18 products (18 percent) contained less than 80% of the amount of CBD indicated, 46 products (45 percent) contained CBD within 20 percent of the amount indicated, and 38 products (37 percent) contained more than 120 percent of the amount of CBD indicated. THC levels in the products tested ranged from below the LOQ to 3.1 mg/serving, with 72 products (49 percent) found to contain THC or THCA at concentrations above the LOQ ( see Table 3). […]

For example, during the public hearing, specific concerns were raised and data was shared regarding contaminants including heavy metals in marketed products. […] Of the 147 products analyzed for cannabinoids, 133 products were also analyzed for the elements As, Cd, Hg and Pb. Of the 133 samples analyzed, 132 of them did not contain As, Cd, Hg, or Pb at levels that represent a health concern and one product, a tincture, had a Pb concentration that requires additional evaluation, which is currently ongoing. […]

Context, people, context. Even 21% of foods failed:

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