For Sale: Old School Hemp/Cannabis Collection

For Sale: Old School Hemp/Cannabis Collection. Intermediate and compliant hemp for fibre, grain, and dual purpose. These are not necessarily for cannabinoid or terpene production, although selections from them might be suitable for those applications.

This is a germplasm collection of seventy varieties, mostly landraces from all over Europe and Asia. Parent lines have 100 to 300 seeds left of each, open pollination of all stands thousands of each. A couple lines are near stable.

This is for breeding work not instant commercialization. This is not just a single feral land race. None are registered or patented. This is a rare opportunity.

Observation data available but no cannabinoid data. Large PowerPoint file available with data and pictures.

A stellar jump-start to any hemp breeding program with this large germplasm collection. A breeder could develop any desired traits from these.

$100,000 (one hundred thousand U.S. dollars). Located in the U.S.

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