Help Those Who Help Us

This is from Mr. Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli at FAAAT, which lobbied the U.N. Vote for the past five years, culminating in a landmark decision December 2020. They’ve been working on this relatively quietly for years.

Do you know a lot of people able to push changes in international law, and living under poverty levels? I know one.

Help me continue being independent and bringing you positive news. Any help is welcome, since defending science instead of particular corporation is not a sustainable source of funding. But communities are! And we have a lot of work to do still.”

Activism may not be thankless, but thanks don’t pay the rent. While they do it for the outcome not the income, these guys really deserve to be able to pay the rent and continue their very import work. Kenzi’s Patreon account is: Got spare cash? Send it to them. Please.

After years of watching industry associations manage minor policy disagreements with all the grace of a bull in a china shop, and the “Legalization-Industrial Complex” appear to do everything they can to protect their jobs by dawdling on legalization, these guys are the real deal.

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