Hemp Fiber for Moto Helmets

Damage resistance evaluation of E-glass and hybrid hemp-banana natural fiber composite helmet using drop weight impact test


“Natural Resources are available plenty in nature. Just because, having less awareness about their importance and performance, we couldn’t be able to make use of it properly. Focusing on this concept many kinds of research and studies have been carried out and are being carried on utilizing the natural sources effectively. This research is one of such attempts to suggest, how best to make use of available natural fibers such as hemp, banana, jute, sisal, etc. An attempt to propose natural fibers in helmet manufacturing technology instead of synthetic fibers such as E-glass, carbon, Kevlar, etc., to enhance their mechanical properties. Composite hybrid helmet is preparing to use natural hemp and banana fibers by adopting the traditional hand lay-up technique with polyester resin as matrix material. The impact strength of helmets evaluated through the Drop Weight Impact test. The helmets are prepared and then subjected to testing’s according to ASTM D7136. The readings obtained from the testing’s prove that natural fibers are also having good impact resistance, strength and are the best alternatives for synthetic fibers which are commonly used in helmet manufacturing industries.”

Materials Today: Proceedings

Available online 30 September 2021

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