Hemp for Victory (lyrics)

Hemp for Victory

A                              C#7                    F#                            E                     D             Dsus   D
When God made Adam and Eve he gave them the best plant to start the breed

A                                                        C#7              F#                                D            Dsus         D
Providing food, oil, warmth and shelter too, hemp was the best plant to see them through

A                                  G               D
Hemp for victory (medicine too)

Hemp for victory (eat some soon)

Hemp for victory (good for you)

Hemp for victory (all of it too)

The pilgrims brought seeds with them it’s as important as a hundred men

Now grown in ditches four hundred years, it got us through the wartime fears


Hemp for your bones, joints and cells, hemp is good for all your ills

Hemp for a house, food and chills, shout it out to the hills


Copyright 2016 Richard Rose, all rights reserved.

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