Hemp’s Contretemps (lyrics)

Hemp’s Contretemps

We come together to talk about hemp

Again and again it’s just a contretemp

It’s going in a way you could not see

Don’t flee don’t pee don’t be

That guy getting in the way

Hear a brotha out, sit and have a stay

Sure they gonna make cara bucks

Why else grow hemp, just for the yucks?

It’s hard it’s risky they used to grow for fiber

But most days that don’t return even a fiver

Canapa is marijuana’s brother

Don’t you celebrate when your brother wins another?

The more they sell and they more they make

The more Cannabis is gonna snake

Towards the finish line

Bring it home brother, make a dime

If you don’t like it don’t buy just grow your own

Go organize a posse and lobby down in Rome

If you don’t then shut yer trap

The ones saying it shouldn’t done are the point of this rap

You say it’s about ethics and I have to agree

But slowing down the movement is what’s botherin me

There are many rivers to the sea

Be like the tea and infuse totally

It don’t have to be your way to be right or tight or outasite

We’re all in this together, let’s don’t fight

Smokable hemp has its place

Everything new is in a race

To get sustainable so prices come down

Unlike it was when underground

Give it a chance the Free Market rules

At least that’s what they teach us in the schools

They pushin the law, and that’s a good thing

The law is bad it has a sting

It’s not right it’s not compassionate

It only rewards the bags of shit

Who pay the Senators for status quo

Giving them money and a Ho

Hate the game, not the playa

The law is the dragon we be slaya

Brother lets heal this rift

And work together for this gift

From the Tree of Life

No reason to have strife

Tobacco is the real enemy we all agree

Anything that cuts it down I’m down no frown you see

You’re my fratello so please be mellow

The fellow to bellow is quello in Roma

Governing like in a coma what’s that aroma

Parliament is dead as a carcinoma

Blocco l’mafia, Bros grow for Bros

Not for the pros steppin to avoid the capo’s toes

Uguali l’ortofrutta e la pasticceria

Anche è la Cannabiseria

Pomodoro fava melanzane

The rasta down the street grows it like a banane

Carciofi anche il zuchini

The Bro grows it right, just for me

We can have it that way

Keep the bad guys at bay

And the government too

They had 80 years of screwing you

Take it back, it’s just a plant

Does your God mistakes cuz mine can’t

Dodecimille anni senza alcune danni

Safer than water better than money

Copyright 2018 Richard Rose, all rights reserved, v2.

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