How to Get 1% Max THC for Hemp Without Congress

I’ve been advocating for 1% maximum THC for hemp since 2015, just on principle. The current 0.3% is arbitrary and unhelpful, and the originator of it (Dr Ernest Small of Canada) regrets that it became the de-facto standard.

It’s great to now see the movement for 1% pick up speed and backers. This issue has cost farmers millions of dollars every year, resulting in total losses for some.

But it’ll take Congress to make that formal change. However, there’s another way: use a different testing sample protocol.

Here’s an example of what happens sampling the top 10 cm (4 inches) versus the top 40 cm (16 inches). They used two fiber varieties, Carmagnola and Kompolti TC. It showed that there could be as much as a 2.6 times difference.

Image from Agroindustria (2002), now defunct, courtesy Dr Gianpaolo Grassi

If USDA would mandate a more liberal sample collection protocol, the effect would be the same as keeping the current protocol but increasing max THC to 1%.

A practical and natural taxonomy for Cannabis” by Dr Ernest Small

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