Kamala Harris on Marijuana (Video)

Although Kamala Harris was literally a prosecutor of the war on marijuana, her views have evolved. She and drug war architect Joe Biden are the perfect ones to reverse 83 years of unpopular, racist, unconstitutional laws against pot. They owe society that much. After 4 years of Trump, the whole country will need it to treat its collective PTSD.

It’s our gift from God to have the actual Architect and a loyal Soldier of the war on drugs running for a must-win election and now needing our votes. Pandering Season is open, so squeeze some promises out of them like Harris’ SB 2227 but without the 5% federal tax and tobacco provisions (no tax because there will be $13.7 billion savings in enforcement costs). There is no duo more-suited to reverse the damage their bad policies have caused us than drug warriors Biden/Harris, “JoMala.”


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